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Protect your home and loved ones with SIMU Hurricane Glass Solutions’ elegant and energy-efficient impact doors and windows, backed by exceptional customer service for a stress-free experience.

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Jessica Simon

I couldn’t be happier with the quality and effectiveness of their impact doors and windows, not to mention the exceptional customer service I received throughout the entire process.

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SIMU Hurricane Glass Solutions was founded by a team of experienced professionals who shared a common vision of providing superior impact doors and windows, combined with unmatched customer service, to protect homes and families during hurricane seasons and tropical storms.

Adamita Daniel Simu

With a deep understanding of the construction industry and a passion for innovation, I am committed to providing the highest quality impact doors and windows to protect homes and enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Pedro Palacios

Drawing on my extensive technical knowledge and experience in product development, I strive to engineer advanced solutions that not only withstand hurricanes and tropical storms but also promote energy efficiency, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for our customers.

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Our unwavering commitment to safety, elegance, energy efficiency, and exceptional customer service sets us apart and leaves our customers feeling secure and satisfied.

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